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April 2019

I’ve worked with a number of realtors and agencies over the years. Some good, some not so great. Relocating my family to Idaho from San Francisco was scary enough by itself, but also changing jobs and buying a home – that’s the trifecta.

We knew absolutely zero people in Idaho, none – we got extraordinarily lucky to be introduced to Nick and Morgan, I can’t stress that enough. These two actually took care to listen to what we wanted and share thoughts on commutes, areas, schools, all of the things that mean the most when buying a home.

Anyone can sell a house, these guys make sure you are buying a home, this is a big difference. They follow up, they seriously check everything before an offer is extended, they protect their clients.

My son was shy and nervous, knew those two less than 2 seconds, Nick immediately knew it and sensed the hesitation from my 6 year old – solved it immediately by making him his assistant for the day, unlocking lockbox keys and such, it was perfect. Let’s just say we saw 6 houses that day and a 6 year old ~700 miles from home had a very good day.

So much so that the next day, right before flying back to SF, I called Nick with a total twist in our search, two minutes he sent me a house and said “Go, I’ll see you In 25 minutes”. Dropped everything. Long story short, we bought that house and then boarded a plane to SF to pack. Pick this team, I’d recommend them to anyone, always.

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